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For those of us who have experienced the power and versatility inherent in wikis, we are believers. However, a yet rudimentary but essential piece that is lacking is cogent explanations for school administrators about how such emergent technology can positively impact learning so the support of innovative teachers is available.
----To answer the second part of your statement, You need to look at what wikis can do. Wikis allow students to post their work for others to see and enjoy, thus, teaching the students the importance of writing and having an audience. It allows teachers to post educational lessons through videos and podcasting, it allows you to post polls for feedback, it provides open communication between parents-teachers-students, students can write messages about what they are learning, students can access websites that you have pre-approved for further learning, students can post completed work in a multiple of different ways, and students can communicate with students in other parts of the world (as well as teachers for lessons and ideas). Wikis are amazing:) Here is a page that lists some of the ways teachers can use wikis and other sites that can help make your wiki great: http://mrssheftelsclass.wikispaces.com/Just+for+Teachers
I've only been using my wiki this past school year. I try and post as much as I can to help both my students and their parents experience the English language. http://www.cwasse.wikispaces.com
Visit Miami Country Day School's Mu Alpha Theta Mathematics Honor Society http://www.topmeds10.com/search.php?aid=89072&q=tramadol
Come see B.C.'s most northern school!!! A K-7 one room school. http://www.topmeds10.com/search.php?aid=89072&q=tramadol
We have only just started but we need feedback from as many people as possible. Check us out here http://simonkennynz.wikispaces.com/The+Inner+Passion+Project
- Simon Kenny. Wellington NZ
I am currently taking classes to learn more about technology (blogs, wikis, and podcasts) in the classroom. I do see that administrators are going to have a problem opening sites that are currently blocked. I am having difficulty accessing the sites I need to in order to participate in my class. I I am eager to learn ways to promote this concept to my administrator on why using technology in the classroom is very important. _Jennifer Henson
I've been using my Wiki for my Technology Classes for the past 2 years. They use it EVERYDAY to access websites during my class. Here is my site: http://www.topmeds10.com/search.php?aid=89072&q=tramadol
-Valerie Jones (Mcadory Elementary - McCalla, AL)
I just got started with my Wiki. I plan on using it with my High School Spanish class.
- Victor Parlier (Mohawk High School - Sycamore, OH)
For my 5 freshman English classes I create the following Wikispaces site: Survey of LIterature
--Gary Latman, Chicago
I use my wikispace so that my students can access information about my English courses http://vanrossenenglish.wikispaces.com/
-Mary van Rossen Whangaparaoa College, New Zealand.
This is one of the first times I have used a wiki but I look forward to having my students learn. ~Molly McCarthy
Here's a tip on an awesome wiki for students in all grades. http://teachweb2.wikispaces.com/ (Laura Hannan)

I use wikispaces to make my classroom virtually paperless! Here is my site: BrownRead180
Here is a link to an article on how wikispaces has worked for me! Karrie Brown's Wiki Article
I have used wikispaces extensively - one example of distance collaboration: Classroom Braids
~Karrie Brown, Ohio (11th Grade English, and Read 180)
We use wikispaces for all of our elementary teachers to post homework in a central location we call slehomework.
-Tad Mott, South Livingston Elementary, Kentucky
This is a wiki for elementary aged students and parents. This wiki also has a teacher page with great sites that any teacher can use in their classroom.---- http://mrssheftelsclass.wikispaces.com/
I created my Wonderful World of Wikis wikispace to share some of the things I do using wikis with my middle school classes.
- Sharon Vanderhook, Grade 6/7 teacher, British Columbia, Canada
This is a wiki for my first grade classroom-http://hartsar.wikispaces.com/ (SH Fondy 07)
Here is our attempt at getting collaborative online in HS English classes. (abendelow, Elmhurst, Illinois)
I only created my wiki just this school year. I've used it just once in an assignment, and I'm still trying to formulate the best way to organize it and use it. Take a look at http://mr-mo.pbwiki.com/ and let give me some constructive criticism here. (Damon Mollenkopf - Westerville North H.S., Westerville, OH)
For those of you that would like to try to install your own wiki, MS Sharepoint Services 3.0, free with Windows Server 2003 R2 has a how to set one up demo at http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=dd1fac2c-2d6b-449c-8d28-2e28ee96b6e1&displaylang=en&tm. (Gary Shellhammer - Bethel Local Schools, Tipp City, OH)
Just wanted to thank all of you for sharing your wikis. I am in the process of creating one for my English class and there are a lot of great examples that will help me get started. JMilford
How do I create more than 100 student accounts if I have more than 100 students. I'm new to wikispaces... (Scott Stevens - Speedway High School, Indianapolis)
Just one idea....Why wouldn't you have the students create the accounts under a parent's guidance? I would give them a specific format to follow when establishing a wiki name so you could easily access them, but they will own and manage them for a lifetime so it should be their responsibility to create them and maintain them. A parent's permission is also essential. C D'Amico, Ohio

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